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Assault & BatteryPeople argue. They have disagreements all the time. It is perfectly natural to be party to a verbal fight of great fervor and intensity, especially with someone you care about. But you should never have to put up with violence to your person.

Assault and battery is legally defined as intentional physical contact with another person without their consent. This can be anything from a harsh grab to a shove to a severe blow to any part of your body. The law protects you against this sort of thing, and there is no shame in taking action against the person who has put hands on you in a violent or violating way.

The problem with not acting legally against someone who has abused you is that it only encourages them to do it again. That is the unfortunate instinct of most people who act violently. If they believe they can get away with it once, they will believe they can do it again and again without consequence. It is better to act now to discourage such future behavior.

Filing suit against a person who has hit you or otherwise put their hands on you without your consent is a perfectly reasonable action. In the most extreme cases, in situations that lead to physical injury, pain, and suffering, you are entitled to compensation.

A Las Vegas personal injury attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve from the person who abused you. Lawyers such as those at the Dobberstein Law Group specialize in personal injury cases, including assault and battery.

Even if you bear the marks of what your abuser did to you, it is unwise to assume that you need no further evidence to prove your case. The fact of the matter is to get justice you must be able to present enough verifiable fact that the person you are suing committed the violent act that has caused you pain and suffering. Working with an attorney can help you get the compensation you need to pay for your hospital bills and lost wages. Such an attorney will also help you get what is only fair and just.

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