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contractLegally binding documents can either protect or ruin your construction business. Knowing this, it is important to hire qualified Las Vegas construction law attorneys during the drafting and negotiating stages. Whether you want to rent out new office space, have to sign on a partner or need a contract for a short-term project, experience from the Dobberstein Law Group can be an invaluable resource.

Sections of a Construction Contract

A contract for construction projects should include the following sections:

  • Project description: This section can be a summary or one paragraph defining the project, particularly what needs to be resolved.
  • Price: This section provides a description of the total amount for the project. Additions or deductions might be included. Any variations on negotiating the right pricing structure might also be included.
  • Payment: This section informs how the contractor will be paid, whether on a monthly basis or at different phases of the project.
  • Construction schedule: This section outlines the total days for the project from start to completion.
  • Document List: This section lists all documents related to the contract agreement.
  • Scope of project: This provides a description of all activities related to the project.
  • Conditions and responsibilities: This section establishes the conditions and responsibilities for the contractor and the owner, and the extent to which each is responsible for providing information. It also contains terms for penalties, withholding, liens, arbitration rules and how claims and disputes are handled.

Get Practical, Professional Legal Assistance

Legal issues may arise in the construction industry. Since most projects revolve around contracts, ensuring that a solid contract is negotiated at the onset sets the stage for success or failure. Having legal counsel that is well versed in Las Vegas construction laws can help to mitigate your risk of losses and disputes.

At the Dobberstein Law Group, we provide detailed guidance for our clients in the construction industry. A trusted and experienced construction law attorney offers thorough advice that is specific to your needs.

We understand common challenges that may arise. That is why we strive to formulate strategies at the outset of a project.

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