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Land Use / ZoningLand use and zoning laws can be extremely particular and complicated. With all the paperwork and deadlines involved, it’s important to attain a trusted Las Vegas business law attorney by your side to help you understand and determine what is the best course of action.

Zoning is a term used to designate permitted use of specific pieces of land. Permissions are granted and received by local governments. These permissions allow for different uses of various zones of land, such as commercial, agricultural, industrial, and residential. The types of buildings allowed to be built in an area are also a part of zoning, such as high rises, maximum height restrictions, high density housing, etc.

The primary focus and concern for zoning regulations is to be able to separate different or incompatible property uses, so that large smoke producing factories are not placed near residential neighborhoods. However, exceptions or variances can be made. Exceptions are usually made because of a perceived hardship that is caused by the property in question or to complete a unique need that is not against public interests.

There are five major zoning divisions in urban areas:

  • Commercial
  • Mixed residential-commercial
  • Residential
  • Special (including power plants, airports, shopping malls, sports arenas or complexes, etc.)
  • Industrial

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