Las Vegas Construction Law Attorneys

Homeowners / Contractors / Subcontractors / Suppliers / Sureties / DesignersHomeowners have the rights to make changes or renovations to their home whenever they please. Redecorating, remodeling, redesigns, and other changes may be what they need. Many different people can help with that process.

  • Contractors are the supervisors on a construction worker team. They manage the other workers, contact the owner of the project, work to complete the project by the deadline, work with the financial budget for the project, among other duties.
  • Subcontractors are specialized contractors. They may be called in to consult on your project for electrical issues, plumbing issues, framing issues, iron work issues, etc.
  • Suppliers will give your construction team the materials to complete a project, whether it’s wood, paint, iron, glass, etc.
  • Designers are there to help the homeowner decide what theme, colors, and model they would like to use in their home. They can create all new designs for them to fit their interests and discuss with the homeowner how they would like to proceed.

Such projects require many different workers with different skill sets. Agreements and contracts must be signed, as well as deciding on a budget, and who you should hire. Consulting with a local Las Vegas construction attorney can help you to know what is the best decision for you and your home. Being able to help those that need guidance in their home renovation decisions is what Attorney Eric Dobberstein loves to do. Contact Dobberstein Law Group to schedule your consultation. Our attorneys are skilled and experienced with such litigation. They can help you draft your contracts or agreements, decide what your best options are for your home and budget, as well as determine how you should decide on the best team for the job. We want you to be happy in your home and are here to help you and your loved ones do just that. Allowing us to handle your case for such a special project will allow you to relieve any stress that may come because of the project.

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