Las Vegas Construction Defects Attorney

Construction DefectsConstruction defects have become one of the most common causes for disputes and litigation in the construction industry. Statutory definitions of construction defects vary from state to state. Generally, construction defects are considered a defect in the design, materials, systems, or workmanship put into a project, causing a failed result for the building or structure.

These failures may cause damage to property or people, which puts the owner in a financial crisis. The parties that may be held responsible, or liable, for any injuries sustained could be the design professional, contractor or subcontractors, or other consultants. The owner of the building or site is highly unlikely to be found at fault.

Two kinds of defects are commonly found in construction litigation and are covered under NRS chapter 40:

  • Patent defects, which are known or obvious when inspected
  • Latent defects, which are more concealed and not as noticeable

Either of these defects or other found defects can be complex, ranging from framing to foundation issues, or more superficial, such as unfinished painting on building surfaces or deteriorating wood around windows or door frames.

No matter how these defects occurred, it is important to have these issues resolved with the help of a local construction law attorney in Las Vegas to determine the next best step for your case.

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