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Bond ClaimsContractors have two types of bonds that are most commonly used, which are contractor license bonds and contract bonds (Payment and Performance), also referred to as surety bonds. Any type of bond claim can include a complex process with large amounts of paperwork and strict deadlines. Contacting a trusted Las Vegas construction law attorney can help you to determine what needs to be done for your claim.

Contractor license bonds are considered a type of license and permit bond. Meanwhile, contract bonds are a part of an umbrella group of bonds. They are required bonds from private and public works construction project managers or developers. They can ensure that contractors have sufficient work history, as well as the materials and skill to finish a job on time, within the budget, as well as meeting any required specifications.

If the required and proper bonds are not in place, a project developer or manager won’t allow you to work on the project involved. There can be a large cost to bonding, so consulting a Las Vegas construction law attorney can help you to determine what is the best action for you and your claim. We can also assist you with working with a bonding agent.

If the contractor can’t uphold the terms in the contract or required by the project manager or owner, then a claim can be filed onto the bond. These claims can be filed by anyone that is damaged by a deliberate or willful violation of a construction law contract, including any employees that may be damaged by lack of payment by the contractor. If this sort of claim is filed, then an investigation will begin. If that happens, you will want the help of a seasoned construction law attorney by your side to guide you through that difficult situation.

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