Las Vegas Defamation Attorney

DefamationWe live in a free country. The United States Constitution protects freedom of speech and the Courts have consistently upheld peoples’ right to express their ideas and opinions. However, defamation is not protected.

Defamation is defined as the expression of a false statement meant to harm the reputation of an individual or a group. As such it constitutes a form of personal injury— socially. If you have been targeted by a person and group, if you run or are part of a company or group that is under rhetorical assault by another and you believe that the things they have said about you have crossed a line, then you should act legally against them.

Defamation can hurt your business; it can do tremendous damage to you personally and even go so far as to make it impossible for you to carry on in your profession. While you may respect a person’s right to disagree with the business you are in or the cause you are pursuing you need not respect their right to lie about you in a way that will permanently cripple your ability to carry on in the world.

There is a great deal of chatter and opinion that is exchanged in a variety of media nowadays. It is not that difficult for such smears to become accepted as fact. You need to fight against such lies. Hiring a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas will help you fight back against any concerted attempt to besmirch your character or reputation.

The personal injury lawyers at Dobberstein Law Group can help you win the struggle against those who are trying to do you injury. You can take legal action that compels the respondents to cease and desist with their rhetoric against you. It is also possible to sue them for damages. If things have gone so far that you can discern a measurable negative impact to your business because of their false statements, you may be able to get compensation.

Contact a trusted defamation attorney Las Vegas found at Dobberstein Law Group today to discuss your options and what is best for your case.