Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney

slip and fallWhether you fall at the mall or your neighbor’s stairwell, these accidents should be taken care of by the responsible party. Even when preventative measures are taken, accidents can still happen. When these accidents occur, contacting an accident attorney in Las Vegas can help you to figure out who is liable for your expenses. If it’s public or private property, the owner can be held reliable.

There are many different causes to such accidents, including, but not limited to:

  • Falling through stairs in disrepair
  • Icy Walkways
  • Falls from Torn Carpet
  • Falling on Unmarked Wet Floors
  • Sidewalk Injuries due to wet pavement or improper maintenance

These accidents can lead to minor or serious injuries. These types of injuries can include head injuries, chest and neck injuries, spinal cord injuries, leading to paralysis, and broken bones in arms or legs. Medical attention should be sought for all injuries. Documentation of any injuries can be helpful in finding success for your case. The attorneys at Dobberstein Law Group can help you build your case with all the correct paperwork and documentation to ensure that you find the success you need to continue with your life.

Compensation, also referred to as damages, may be available if you have a valid case. Compensation can be available for costs such as medical bills, any financial burden placed upon the family, lost wages from time off work, or emotional, physical, and psychological therapy if necessary.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a falling accident, contacting a Las Vegas accident attorney should be one of your first actions. Dobberstein Law Group is an experienced group of attorneys that are here to help you with your case and fight for your rights.

Contact the office today to schedule your consultation and discuss the next step for you and your loved one’s case.