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Buy / Sell AgreementsA buy and sell agreement, referred to as a “business will,” is used by closed corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and sole proprietorships which divide a business share or interest of a partner, shareholder, or proprietor. When such agreements are used, the owner of the business interest being sold must be considered:

  • disabled
  • be deceased
  • expressed interest in selling
  • be retired

If the owner is deceased, the decedent’s estate must agree to the sale before it can be sold to a company or the remaining partners. Any buy and sell agreement should be consulted with a local Las Vegas real estate attorney to confirm that the process will run smoothly and successfully.

Buy and sell agreements consist of many legally binding clauses in a business partnership agreement or new agreement. It controls the following decisions:

  • Who may buy a partner or shareholder’s share of the business
  • When a buyout will be triggered and if an event will do so
  • The price for the partner’s or shareholder’s interest in the partnership to be paid

Buy and sell agreements can be in the form of a repurchase plan or a cross-purchase plan. Involving the service of a trustee is recommended for neutrality and effectiveness for the agreement.

Attempting such a complicated case on your own can lead to feelings of frustration or disappointment if it doesn’t work out as you expected. If you or someone you know is struggling with a buy and sell agreement, contact Dobberstein Law Group today to discuss the best next step in your case. A trusted and seasoned Las Vegas real estate attorney by your side can help you to ensure as much success as possible.

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