Las Vegas Payment Disputes Lawyer

debtIt is a right that you get paid what you are owed. This is fundamental to worker-management relations, and it must be enforced. If you have not received a promised or stipulated bonus or pay raise or the right amount of money in a contractually agreed to severance package, then you should act against your employer. Or if you are a contractor then you should act against the owner and party that owes you the money for the work performed and insure that you are being paid pursuant to the correct pay scale for either a residential, commercial, or public works project.

The construction industry in Las Vegas is one of the largest and most lucrative in the nation. It presents people with skills and experience of various sorts with a wide range of opportunities. A great deal of pay and compensation in construction is driven by performance. The more productive and efficient you are in completing jobs that meet or exceed a set standard, the more you will be paid. Of course, such matters must be set in writing; they must be part of a larger contractual arrangement you have with the person who is paying you as an employee or an independent contractor.

If that agreement is not being honored or if the person or company that owes you money has refused to give it to you on some baseless and facile technicality, then you should file a law suit against them. A Las Vegas construction law attorney at the Dobberstein Law Group will be able to sort through the documents and evidence in the case and represent you in a way that will get you a just settlement.

You need a Las Vegas construction law attorney specialized in handling these kinds of cases. Dobberstein Law Group is here to help you gain the compensation you deserve. Allow an attorney to handle your case and take on the extra stress the case might bring. By doing so, you can gain a peace of mind knowing your case is in an experienced and trusted attorney’s hands.

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