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Bid ProtestsBid protests are defined as challenges to an award or proposed award of a contract. The procurement of services and materials or even to the terms of a solicitation for such a contract are challenged. Protests are to be filed against any procuring actions by federal government agencies. A Las Vegas construction law attorney can help you to file such a protest in the specified time frames for such a claim and answer any questions you may have.

Protests cannot be filed against any non-federal government agencies. If you have won the contract and are being protested, then you can be an intervenor in the protest. It’s not required that you be an intervenor, however, since it is the agency’s responsibility to respond to the protest.

Protests may be dismissed if they are not filed in a timely fashion or are outside the jurisdiction of the United States Government Accountability Agency. If protective orders are issued, attorneys may be able to file for access. Such strict deadlines can make matters complex and hard to understand or continue through.

If you’re considering filing a bid protest or a struggling with a protest that has already been filed, contact Dobberstein Law Group today to discuss the next best step. Determining what is best to do can help you to relieve any extra stress you may be feeling and focus on other aspects of your project or matters in your life. Having a trusted and seasoned attorney by your side for such a complicated process is a huge asset to you and your bid protest. An attorney can help you to understand and work through the timelines, regulations, and guidelines you should know about your case. Our experienced attorney understands how complex such cases can be and wants you to have a successful protest.

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