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Our firm was started by Eric Dobberstein, a native Nevadan in hopes of providing preeminent legal representation for an affordable and fair price, while at the same time, providing a wide range of services. We are trial attorneys that have a high success rate in all the various state and local courts in Nevada as well as the Nevada Federal Courts through the Court Of Appeals and the Supreme Court. We have also represented parties before various tribunals such as the Nevada Contractors Board, Labor Commission, various city councils, as well as planning commissions.

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Eric Dobberstein

Eric Dobberstein has been a talented mediator, arbitrator and litigator since 1989. He has served as arbitrator and/or mediator in over 400 cases involving construction, personal injury, commercial and real property disputes. He started working in the legal field as an associate in small firms learning personal injury, construction, business, criminal, bankruptcy, and family law. Then he built his own law firm and was eventually recruited to manage the local office of a regional law firm and then a national law firm. Then finally returned to having his own boutique firm with many of the same clients as he has had for the past two decades. He has received numerous…

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