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False Arrest

False ArrestThere are few experiences more frightening than being arrested and charged with a crime, but the situation can be utterly confusing if the accused person is in fact innocent. If you are the victim of a false arrest, you will need the assistance of a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and clear you of the charges. This type of assistance is available from the Dobberstein Law Group.

Defining a False Arrest

Law enforcement personnel have the authority to arrest individuals they suspect of committing crimes under the “probable cause” criterion. Arrests may also be made on the testimony of witnesses or other types of evidence. A false arrest may result from an error on the part of police or may even stem from attempts by individual officers to intimidate certain citizens. Arrests can take place almost anywhere, but often occur at the following locations:

  • On the street
  • In the home
  • At or inside casinos
  • In vehicles

What to do After an Arrest

Although police officers have the right to stop and question those suspected of suspicious activities, they are not allowed to detain someone for a significant period of time unless they can justify the detainment. Even if you know that you have been falsely arrested, you should cooperate with the police and not provide any information that could be used to reinforce the case against you. You should also notify a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney, who under the circumstances can be your best advocate.

The Importance of Legal Assistance

A defense attorney with experience in false arrest cases will ensure that your rights, which are guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution, are protected. Additionally, a lawyer will help expedite your release from police custody and work to dismiss the charges that have been filed against you. You will also require proper legal representation if you wish to take civil action, under federal law, against the officer or police department responsible for your arrest.

If you are the victim of a false arrest, obtain the legal help that you deserve contact us at the Dobberstein Law Group.