Las Vegas Auto Accident Attorney

Car accidents are the ninth-leading cause of death in the United States.

automobileCar accidents can be caused in multiple ways, including distracted driving with cellular or other devices, negligence, driving under the influence or while intoxicated, and bad weather. Whether you or another was the cause of your accident, contacting a Las Vegas accident attorney and seeking medical attention for any injuries should be one of your first actions to help your case. Documentation for your case will be necessary to show fault and gain compensation.

Injuries are a common outcome of such events. Most that happen often are:

  • Head injuries including brain trauma and concussions
  • Back injuries, including spinal cord injuries that could lead to paralysis
  • Neck and chest injuries, including broken ribs
  • Broken bones in the arms and legs

If you have been injured due to someone’s negligence, an accident attorney in Las Vegas can help you to build your case and find success.

When you’re in an accident the liable party should be held responsible. For such cases you may need to build your case to have damages available to you or your loved ones. Damages, also known as compensation, may be awarded if you have a successful case. Damages can help cover the cost of medical bills, lost wages from time off work, emotional, physical, or psychological therapy if necessary, or funeral bills in the case of wrongful death. These damages can also help with any financial burden the family may have been put into because of a wrongful death.

If you are in need of an accident attorney in Las Vegas, contact Dobberstein Law Group. These attorneys are experienced and trusted to handle your case in the most professional manner. They understand what you’re going through in this difficult time. Attempting to handle such a meticulous case on your own will lead to frustration and unneeded stress. Being able to have an attorney take over your case allows you to spend much needed time with your loved ones and recover from your injuries in the proper way.

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