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delay claimsDelay claims can be some of the most misunderstood and consistently confusing claims filed in the construction industry, though they are some of the most common disputes. A construction attorney in Las Vegas can help you to understand the basic elements of such a claim and filing.

A delay claim relating to a construction project is a period that has been extended from the original contract due to unforeseen circumstances that have affected the involved parties since the beginning of the project. Common delays include:

  • Site conditions
  • Increase in labor or material cost
  • Interference by the owner
  • Changes to requirements or the design
  • Weather
  • Material, labor, or equipment unavailability
  • Defective plans or specifications

Any of these delays can force contractors for the project to have to extend their schedule to accommodate the work still required under the contract and incur any other additional costs that the project may need to continue. Most contracts include classes of delay, which are compensable. The general rule is considered that if the delay could be avoided by the due care of at least one of the parties involved, then that party is responsible to pay any additional costs to the project that are required to finish.

With such a complicated process involved with delay claims, having a seasoned construction attorney in Las Vegas by your side can help to guide you and answer any questions you may have. Dobberstein Law Group has years of experience with such cases and wants you to have success in yours. Being able to have a trusted attorney handle your case can help you relieve some stress and focus on the other important aspects of your construction project.

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