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Landlord / TenantLandlord and tenant relationships are highly regulated by municipal and state laws, as well as by the law of contracts. These types of laws are complex and should be dealt with by a local Las Vegas real estate attorney. Having an attorney by your side in any type of landlord and tenant dispute is invaluable in receiving what you need and gaining a peace of mind throughout this complicated process.

If your tenant is not paying rent, it’s possible to sue for the rent that is owed if the tenant has been asked multiple times to pay it. A formal demand for rent must be made or the request will not be accepted by the courts.

If you want to evict your tenant, you need a legal reason in filing an eviction action. Some reasons more commonly used to file such cases include, but are not limited to:

  • Property is being used illegally
  • Tenant created health and/or safety violations
  • Rent is in arrears
  • Lease violations like unnamed tenants in or on the premises
  • Violations of a no pet clause

Landlords may also be held responsible for disputes. Issues such as unlawfully attempting to evict tenants, habitability issues caused by negligence to the premises, and unreasonable retention of security deposits are all cases that can be handled by a Las Vegas real estate attorney.

If you or someone you know is having issues with their landlord or tenants, contact Dobberstein Law Group to determine the best cause of action for you and your case. Our experienced and trusted attorney is here to help you and your loved ones gain a fair agreement. We want you to be taken care of and have the individualized attention that your case deserves.

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