Get in an Accident Without Insurance? What Happens Next

uninsured motorist

The Dobberstein Law Group is the finest insurance defense law firm in Las Vegas representing clients who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents since for the past thirty years. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident and did not maintain insurance at the time of the accident, it is in your…

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Slip & Fall on a Casino Floor? How You Could Get Compensated

slip and fall

A visit to a casino should be a fun and rewarding experience. You never anticipate slipping, falling and getting seriously injured during your time there. However, slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere, including in busy and crowded casinos. When you have suffered an injury because of slipping and falling while a casino, you have…

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What Bicyclists and Automobile Drivers Need to Know About Sharing the Road

Bicyclists and Automobile Drivers arguing

As an automobile driver, you are probably more used to roads that contain only other automobiles. You may then have trouble getting used to streets that also allow bicyclists unless you know the rules. You may also be a bicyclist who is unsure where to ride and what laws to follow. One thing is for…

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Can a Pedestrian Be at Fault for an Accident?

pedestrian crossing

More cars on the road means more drivers who may not be paying enough attention to their surroundings. That means being a pedestrian is much more dangerous than it used to be, as there are more opportunities for drivers’ carelessness to injure innocent people. To avoid accidents while you are walking, and to avoid being…

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What You Should Know About Wet Floor Sign Rules in Las Vegas

wet floor warning sign to avoid accident

When a business is aware of a hazard created by a wet floor, then they are expected to take reasonable measures to warn their patrons of the hazard and prevent injury. This may include posting a wet floor sign to warn of the potential danger. When a business fails to do this and a person…

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Timeline For a Slip And Fall Case

slip and fall accident case

When you are the victim of a slip and fall accident, you may find yourself in a complex legal situation. Though you may assume your case will be resolved in weeks, it may take months or years if it is complex. Though most of these cases are settled out-of-court, the process involved in getting there…

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Hazardous Roadway Crashes In Las Vegas

Car turned over after accident.

When you are behind the wheel of your vehicle, you can control how you perform. Unfortunately, you cannot do so for other drivers around you. According to researchers, driver errors account for more than 90% of all auto crashes. However, while others may be speeding or driving distracted, additional factors are at play as well….

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Steps to Take Following a Fender-Bender in Las Vegas

fender bender accident

If you are involved in a fender-bender, you may think it’s not serious. However, while the damage may seem minor, there could be much more there than you think. Whether this involves damage to vehicles or injuries not initially detected, these and other matters make it imperative you take certain steps following your Las Vegas…

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Victim of a Hit and Run: How We Can Help

hit and run accident

We have all known someone who gets devastatingly hurt in a vehicle accident and then finds it hard to provide for their family. However, some victims will suffer injuries because of someone else’s carelessness and then find it hard to seek a recovery without Las Vegas injury attorneys. If the person who left the scene…

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Common Places for Motorcycle Accidents In Las Vegas

motorcycle accident

With its flashing lights, exciting nightlife, and variety of people, Las Vegas is a city unlike any other. Because of this, traffic can be heavy at times. Along with automobiles, more people can be found riding motorcycles around and outside the city. Unfortunately, there are also numerous motorcycle accidents that take place as well, resulting…

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