Tips for Avoiding or Dealing with Holiday Traffic

holiday traffic

The holidays in Las Vegas mean an inevitable increase in the number of drivers on local roads, and this traffic not only can be frustrating but also somewhat dangerous. Both residents and visitors in Las Vegas can easily find themselves involved in a number of possible car accidents during the holiday season. If you suffered…

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Bitten by a Dog Over the Holidays: What to Do Next

bitten by the dog

Dogs are generally fun and lovable pets that most people are happy to have around, but their actions are not always predictable. When a dog suddenly bites a person during a family gathering during the holiday season, it can create tremendous confusion for the dog bite victim. Many people assume that dog bite cases are…

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Confidentiality Agreements: Why a Lawyer Should Look It Over

non disclosure agreement

Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements are frequently used in business situations. Violations of a confidentiality agreement can result in significant penalties. Confidentiality agreements often result in litigation, so it is important to ensure that you understand what it entails before signing. Las Vegas NV business lawyers from Dobberstein Law Group can help prepare and review confidentiality…

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What a Case Could Look Like for a Sub S Corporation

business men in a meeting room

As a potential business owner, the category your business is formed under is a main point of focus. From partnerships to corporations, the category that best suits the business and how it will function is chosen for a variety of reasons. One such option is the Sub S Corporation structure. There are a number of…

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Assault v. Aggressive Assault Cases: What You Need to Know

old woman assaulted by the man

In cases of assault, a judge can determine it to be a misdemeanor or a felony. In these cases, the judge will use the facts of the case to decide if it was just assault or aggressive, also known as aggravated, assault. This differentiation can have two completely set of consequences for the offender, so…

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When to File a Wrongful Termination Case Against Your Employer

when an employee is terminated wrongfuly

When you have been an employee of a company and have given your best day after day, you assume you will be treated with respect. However, for many employees, the harsh reality occurs when they are terminated out of the blue. In many cases, an employer may terminate an employee for reasons that are illegal…

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Is There a Statute of Limitations for Your Dog Bite Case?

dog bite case

Were you recently bitten by a dog? The bite may have occurred while you were out walking in your neighborhood. It may have happened at a neighbor’s home or at a public place, such as a park. Regardless of where your injury occurred, you have the right to file a case with Las Vegas personal…

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Common Pedestrian Accidents in Autumn Weather & How to Avoid Them

cyclist accident

Autumn is a favorite time of year for many people. As the weather turns cooler and the days are shorter, it is important for everyone to exercise caution when they are out on the road, as drivers and as pedestrians. Many people love this season, but they don’t realize that it is the time when…

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Common Causes of Car Accidents in Nevada

two car accidents

Vehicular crashes in and around Las Vegas and elsewhere in Nevada claim some 300 lives and injure thousands every year. Those who have been victimized by a traffic mishap and are considering legal action can find the help they need from the Dobberstein Law Group. Our firm is experienced in handling car accidents. We will…

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Joint Venture Proposition: Should a Lawyer Look Over the Agreement

two men signing an agreement for partnership

A joint business venture can be an exciting opportunity for you and your prospective business partner. There are a number of benefits to such an endeavor, but it is important to work with an attorney before making any final decisions. Business agreements are largely contractual, and it takes skilled legal experience of Vegas business lawyers…

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