lawyer for slip and fall caseIn Las Vegas, slip and fall accidents are common situations that result in personal injury lawsuits. Due to the serious injuries that can result from slipping and falling in a parking lot or inside a store or other building, it is imperative victims obtain maximum compensation for their injuries. But to do so, you will need to hire experienced Las Vegas NV slip and fall lawyers who get results for their clients, which is why you should turn to the Dobberstein Law Group for assistance.

Proving You Were Not at Fault
While Nevada does have laws in place that can award you compensation even if you were somewhat at fault for your slip and fall accident, the vast majority of these cases show victims were rarely at fault for the accident. However, since defendants and their insurance companies will claim the accident was your fault, never try to fight these battles without legal representation. Instead, turn to the Dobberstein Law Group for assistance.

Capitalizing on Your Age
Since many slip and fall accidents involve senior citizens, defendants in these cases will often try to capitalize on your age and use it against you. For example, they may claim you were confused when walking through an area where you fell, or simply chose to ignore possible warning signs prior to slipping and falling. Whatever the case may be, defendants often try to intimidate senior citizens into not pursuing these cases. Rather than make this mistake, put your trust in experienced and knowledgeable Las Vegas NV slip and fall lawyers who care about you and will fight hard for your rights.

Since you will need compensation to cover your medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages, don’t trust just any lawyer with your case. Instead, schedule a consultation with Las Vegas NV slip and fall lawyers at the Dobberstein Law Group.