the driver can't pay the damageUnfortunately, car accidents happen, meaning one of the drivers is responsible for the damage. Though it is usually easy to determine which driver will have to pay for the damage and medical bills, the situation can be even more difficult when they are unable to pay for the collision. This puts you, the injured driver, in a tough position. If you are involved in an accident where the responsible party can’t pay, you should know what next steps you need to take. Given that there are two main components to an insurance claim for accidents, car damage and physical injury, it is best to contact Las Vegas car accident attorneys at the Dobberstein Law Group for legal advice.

What to Do When the Responsible Driver Can’t Pay in an Accident
In the event that the other driver is unable to pay for the damage caused in an accident, the driver not at fault needs to know how to proceed. There are many factors to consider, including how your insurance will approach this situation and what your rights are if you wish to pursue further legal action.

Regarding your insurance, it is possible to have coverage for yourself if you encounter a driver who lacks insurance. This addition to your insurance will give you coverage of a certain amount for both collision and injuries. While it is an extra cost to you every month on your insurance bill, it does offer you protection in these types of situations.

If you do not have special coverage that protects you if you’re hit by a motorist who can’t pay, you may consider taking further legal action against the driver. Las Vegas car accident attorneys will help you explore your options in that regard.

If you need more information about what you should do when a driver at fault in an accident can’t pay, contact Dobberstein Law Group.