hit and run accidentWe have all known someone who gets devastatingly hurt in a vehicle accident and then finds it hard to provide for their family. However, some victims will suffer injuries because of someone else’s carelessness and then find it hard to seek a recovery without Las Vegas injury attorneys. If the person who left the scene and the at-fault vehicle are not found, there may be no defendant to sue for this undeserved event. The only recourse may be for the injured victim to seek a recovery from his/her own insurance company, and that’s if there is applicable uninsured motorist insurance coverage. Fortunately, Nevada state law gives each accident victim the right to seek monetary relief. This type of case is a personal injury matter. If you are seeking compensation, you may need to contact us at the Dobberstein Law Group.

Types of Damages
If you are going to make any kind of recovery, the claim should be prepared by an experienced attorney. Some attorneys are going to take your case and then just settle the claim for pennies on the dollar, which is an outcome that the big bad insurance companies love. Other attorneys will take the time to seek damages for a sum closer to the true cost of your medical bills, lost wages, and emotional pain and suffering. When you seek a personal injury lawyer, you will not get any guarantee of earning compensation. You may wait months or years and never make a recovery, which leaves you stuck with the medical bills. You won’t know unless you pursue the matter, which may include filing a personal injury lawsuit in civil court. Our Las Vegas injury attorneys would like the opportunity to review your case and see if we can help.

At the Dobberstein Law Group, we know that this accident was not your fault and has caused much pain and stress to your family. Get a free case review today!