fender bender accidentIf you are involved in a fender-bender, you may think it’s not serious. However, while the damage may seem minor, there could be much more there than you think. Whether this involves damage to vehicles or injuries not initially detected, these and other matters make it imperative you take certain steps following your Las Vegas fender-bender. To ensure your rights will be protected each step of the way, make sure you hire experienced Las Vegas NV personal injury attorneys from the Dobberstein Law Group.

Take Photos of the Scene
Once the accident happens, take out your smartphone and begin taking pictures of damage sustained by both vehicles. In addition, have photos of nearby traffic lights and signs, since these may indicate the other driver failed to follow the rules of the road prior to the accident. Once you have these photos, turn them over to your Las Vegas NV personal injury attorneys for analysis.

Seek Medical Treatment
Though a fender-bender may seem minor, you can still be seriously injured from the accident. In most cases, injuries from fender-benders include whiplash, back injuries, and concussions. Therefore, even if you don’t believe yourself to be seriously injured, seek medical treatment no later than 48 hours following the accident. By doing so, you put your health at less risk, and also make sure any injuries sustained in the accident are treated and documented by doctors.

Exchange Information
Before leaving the accident scene, always exchange information with the other driver. This should include each other’s names, addresses, and phone numbers. In addition, also obtain insurance information, makes and models of vehicles, driver’s license numbers, and anything else you feel may be relevant.

Since you may need compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other damages resulting from your fender-bender, schedule a consultation with the Dobberstein Law Group to discuss your accident in greater detail.