slip and fallA visit to a casino should be a fun and rewarding experience. You never anticipate slipping, falling and getting seriously injured during your time there.

However, slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere, including in busy and crowded casinos. When you have suffered an injury because of slipping and falling while a casino, you have rights as an accident victim. You can take the best course of legal action to pursue compensation and closure to your case by hiring one of the Las Vegas personal injury attorneys from the Dobberstein Law Group today.


Proving Liability

Your lawyer will be instrumental in proving that liability for the accident belongs solely to the casino and not you. The casino itself will have an experienced and vast legal team working for it. It may try to deflect blame for what happened on to you or someone who was with you at the time.

However, your lawyer can subpoena evidence like video surveillance and testimonies from people who work at the casino to prove that the accident was not your fault. With this evidence, your legal team can compel either the court to award you a judgment or the casino to offer you a settlement to keep the case out of court.


Negotiating a Settlement

To keep its name out of court and media headlines, the casino could offer you a settlement in exchange for you dropping the lawsuit. Before you agree to any sum of money, you must allow your lawyer to review the offer and ensure that it is realistic for the pain and suffering that you experienced and can also cover your medical expenses, rehab bills, loss of income and other costs that you incurred from the accident.

A slip and fall accident at a casino can lead to serious and expensive injuries. Hire one of the Las Vegas personal injury attorneys from the Dobberstein Law Group to represent you in your case today.