pedestrian accidentIf you are a pedestrian who was injured in an accident, then you may have a claim for money damages. When a pedestrian sustains injuries that would have been avoided with reasonable care, then the party that caused the accident or owned the property where the accident occurred may be liable. For assistance with filing a claim, contact the Las Vegas pedestrian accident lawyers from Dobberstein Law Group.

What types of pedestrian accidents could result in a claim?

Some common examples of accidents involving pedestrians that could give rise to a claim for damages include:

  • Accidents involving motor vehicles
  • Accidents involving bicycles
  • Pedestrians that are bitten by dogs
  • Slip and fall accidents

When does a pedestrian accident qualify for a claim?

If a pedestrian is injured as a result of another person’s negligence, then the pedestrian may be entitled to compensation. In order to show that a person was negligent, it must be demonstrated that their conduct fell below a certain standard of care. If they acted unreasonably, or broke the law, then it could help establish negligence.

To assist in a claim, you should obtain a copy of any accident or police reports related to the accident. You should also document the accident scene and your injuries. Medical reports can also be useful, so it is important that you seek out treatment for your injuries.

How can an attorney help with a pedestrian accident case?

An experienced lawyer can provide you with legal advice and assistance regarding your claim. An attorney can represent you in the claims process and help you pursue a fair settlement. Because attorneys are familiar with the process, they will help you make informed decisions and know what to expect.

The Las Vegas pedestrian accident lawyers at Dobberstein Law Group are available to assist you with your pedestrian accident questions. Contact us to learn more.