car accident on the highwayThere are many roads in the United States labeled as extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, Las Vegas’ I-15 falls into that category. Scripps Howard News Service has a national reporting project called “Killer Roads.” It named the I-15 stretch between Las Vegas and Los Angeles as a high risk for accidents.

The United States Department of Transportation reported approximately 1,069 deaths over a 15 year period, which is more than double than any other interstate in the nation. Federal files show that over half of those people were not wearing seat belts. Another factor for the increasing number of injuries is the heavy traffic I-15 faces every single day.

Common Reasons Crashes Occur on I–15

  • Speeding vehicles.
  • Distracted drivers on cell phones.
  • Illegal crossing of double-white lines.

Nevada is creating new ways to protect citizens on the road. However, traffic accidents continue to happen at a significant rate on I-15. Injured victims of accidents face a difficult situation, especially when they have suffered debilitating injuries that prevent them from living life as they once did.

Suffering Injuries from an I-15 Crash

The stress and suffering from traffic injuries don’t come alone. There are large medical bills involved as well as the loss of income. This can create a major crisis for any household. It is important to have a Las Vegas auto accident attorney work with you from the start to have the best chance at recovering financially and avoiding legal issues that may ensue.

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Damages a Person May Face After an Accident

Damages go far beyond physical injuries. The emotional consequences can create major setbacks in anyone’s life. It is important that a personal injury lawyer in Clark County is by your side to help you recover all damages you are entitled to receive.

Call our Las Vegas personal injury attorney to help you get back on track after your I-15 car accident. We are here to support you every step of the way until you completely get your life back in order.