uninsured motoristThe Dobberstein Law Group is the finest insurance defense law firm in Las Vegas representing clients who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents since for the past thirty years. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident and did not maintain insurance at the time of the accident, it is in your best interest to consult with and retain the Dobberstein law group immediately.

Motor vehicle accidents are traumatic events which result in damages to both the vehicles involved and the physical well-being of the parties.. Such accidents are complex in nature and that is why consulting with and retaining an experienced attorney is advisable. Further complicating matters are issues that surround uninsured motorists.

Following a motor vehicle accident, an injured plaintiff will consult with and retain an attorney. The attorney will then send a letter of representation to the offending vehicle’s owner and operator. If the plaintiff has been injured severely, the attorney may file a lawsuit immediately.

Either of these cases requires action to be taken by the uninsured motorist. In many cases, the uninsured motorist will simply ignore these notices, which is a mistake. Instead, the uninsured motorist should consult with and retain an attorney immediately so they may be best advised of their legal rights and remedies.

Uninsured motorists are often left to defend a personal injury case on their own without the benefit of counsel. This is because they did not have insurance on the date of the accident and, therefore, their insurance carrier does not retain an attorney to represent their interests. As such, many uninsured motorists choose to handle the matter on their own. This is a crucial mistake that should be avoided at all costs.

There are many reasons for this advice. First is that uninsured motorists are in violation of the law which obligates motorists to maintain current insurance to keep their car on the road. Any statement made by an uninsured motorist to opposing counsel for the opposing insurance carrier can be used against them. Beyond that, uninsured motorists are entitled to the same defenses that insured motorist are entitled to – they are just not aware of it. Toward that end, it is prudent to consult with and retain an attorney so that your rights and remedies may be explained to you.

Uninsured motorist may not understand that liability may be resolved in their favor, leading to the dismissal of the plaintiff’s case. In other words, an attorney that defends an uninsured motorist can prove that the uninsured motorist did not cause the accident and have the entire case dismissed.

In the event the uninsured motorist is responsible for the happening of the accident, the attorney can make the case that the injured plaintiff does not meet the applicable injury threshold and have the case dismissed on those grounds. As such, an uninsured motorist has the potential to have the plaintiff’s case dismissed upon those grounds simply by retaining an attorney.

The above are only a few of the many reasons uninsured motorists should consult with and retain the Dobberstein Law Group as the insurance defense law firm in Las Vegas that has the knowledge and experience to deliver the results their clients are seeking.