cyclist accidentAutumn is a favorite time of year for many people. As the weather turns cooler and the days are shorter, it is important for everyone to exercise caution when they are out on the road, as drivers and as pedestrians. Many people love this season, but they don’t realize that it is the time when the most pedestrian-related accidents occur. It’s important to know what type of injuries frequently happen and how to avoid them. However, if an injury during autumn does happen, it likely requires the need of Las Vegas NV pedestrian accident lawyers to help get compensation. When you contact our accident law firm in Vegas, the Dobberstein Law Group will determine the next steps.

Common Pedestrian Accidents In Autumn
The season change means different weather patterns, and that can bring on a new set of challenges. The following is a list of common accidents that happen in autumn and how to possibly prevent them:

•Shorter daylight hours. The daylight hours decreasing contribute to more accidents because there is less visibility. If possible, avoid being out at night or wear reflective clothing so that you’re easily seen.

Rain. Along with autumn comes more rainfall, creating slippery surfaces. Use caution when walking and on steps that have gotten wet.

Fog. Foggy conditions make it difficult to see everything until you’re very close to it. If possible, wait until the fog clears before heading out or wear something bright so that you can be seen.

Falling leaves. While this may not seem like a hazard, an abundance of leaves can hide uneven pavement, cracks in the cement, and a host of other issues that can cause a fall. Be mindful when walking through leaves that cover large portions of the sidewalk or street.

When pedestrian accidents occur in autumn, Las Vegas NV pedestrian accident lawyers should be quickly contacted. An accident law firm in Vegas can represent you as you seek payment for your injuries. Call the Dobberstein Law Group to learn how we can help you.