food poisoningIf you experience food poisoning while in Nevada, then it is essential to contact a Las Vegas personal injury attorney who works for Dobberstein Law Group.

There are several things to consider concerning a food poisoning case, but a Las Vegas food poisoning attorney can collect the evidence required for you to seek reimbursement from the guilty party. Here are some of the businesses that are responsible for the damages incurred from food poisoning incidents.

Food Poisoning 1: Food Manufacturers

A food manufacturer that has shipped contaminated products to supermarkets or commercial kitchens is liable for your expenses after you experience food poisoning. A Henderson personal injury attorney will request documents from the manufacturer and local health code inspectors to determine why products were contaminated before being sold. A food manufacturer that has not followed the correct guidelines is liable for an injured individual’s medical bills and living expenses.

Food Poisoning 2: Commercial Kitchens

When a commercial kitchen hasn’t stored food properly or when employees have used poor food handling practices, you can develop food poisoning that leads to hospitalization. Some types of food poisoning can cause serious complications. When the laboratory personnel at a medical facility study a patient’s blood or body fluids, they can determine what type of bacteria caused an illness. Health code inspectors will inspect a commercial kitchen to find evidence of irregularities along with looking for the dangerous bacteria. With this evidence, a Las Vegas food poisoning attorney can file a case against the owners of a commercial kitchen.

Food Poisoning 3: Supermarket

If you buy food from a supermarket that makes you ill, then you can contact a Henderson food poisoning attorney for assistance. A lawyer can learn more about the supermarket’s health code violations, including selling food beyond its expiration date and storing food at the incorrect temperature. In some cases, several individuals are able to file a lawsuit against a supermarket because it has sold damaged food products to customers several times. Collecting evidence against a supermarket is a time-consuming process that involves contacting food manufacturers, shipping companies and health code inspectors.