getting a lawyerIf you have been injured while on the job and file a workers’ compensation claim, the last thing you expect to happen is encountering intense opposition from your employer. Unfortunately, many employees do indeed face such circumstances, often finding themselves receiving little if any compensation for their injuries. In many cases, employers will do or say almost anything to keep a workers’ compensation claim from being successful. If you are in need of compensation for your work-related injuries, here is how Las Vegas NV workers compensation attorneys from the Dobberstein Law Group can help.


Gathering and Examining Evidence

When you are injured on the job, your employer may attempt to claim you were impaired due to drugs or alcohol, or perhaps were engaged in unauthorized activities that disqualify you from receiving workers’ compensation. By hiring Las Vegas NV workers compensation attorneys, you can have legal professionals working for you who will carefully gather and examine video footage, eyewitness statements, and other evidence showing your injuries were work-related and that you were simply doing your job when injured.


Negotiating with Insurance Companies

Along with facing opposition from your employer, you will also encounter problems with insurance companies refusing to pay your workers’ compensation claim. When this occurs, you will get nowhere on your own. Instead, work closely with the Dobberstein Law Group and its team of experienced workers’ compensation attorneys. By doing so, your attorneys can begin talks with an insurance company on your behalf. Through showing evidence that you were injured while on the job and also having documentation of your injuries from your medical records, your Las Vegas NV workers compensation attorneys can pressure the insurance company to pay you the compensation you need and deserve.


Should you require assistance with your workers’ compensation claim, schedule an immediate consultation with experienced and knowledgeable attorneys at the Dobberstein Law Group.