car accidentGetting into a car accident is never a pleasant experience for any of the parties involved. Not only does this present issues with property damage, it could also lead to some very serious injuries on the driver and passengers, it’s important to know where to pull off after and accident occurs. 

Even the simplest of injuries, such as whiplash, could have an impact on the mobility and functionality of the injured person. If you find yourself involved in such a situation, and are thinking of finding ways to seek compensation, it is advisable for you to consult with a Las Vegas auto accident attorney at the soonest possible instance. 

Before you do that, however, let’s discuss the things you should immediately do upon getting into an accident. Understandably, you will be shaken up about it, but the steps you take next will be crucial in setting up your personal injury case later on. 

Where to pull off after an accident

The first thing you should do after getting into a fender-bender is to check for any obvious injuries. We say “obvious” because there might be internal injuries you cannot observe with the naked eye, such as fractures or internal bleeding, which can only be determined upon further examination at a medical facility. 

Personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas will tell you that a more thorough check up is important, but meanwhile, at the scene, you need to first check for injuries before you pull off and step out of the car. Once you’ve got that accomplished, then you can step out of the car to inspect for any vehicular or any other property damage. 

If you get stalled in the middle of the road, you should make sure to document it first by taking photos, before moving it to the side, if possible. If the damage is pretty severe, however, it’s best to leave it there until the authorities arrive.

It could especially be dangerous if there is any damage to the engine. Attempting to turn it on to move it could spark a fire and create more damage.

What to do after a car accident (stay calm, alert authorities)

It’s natural for you to feel shocked, especially if the accident is a pretty big one, and there are injuries sustained. However, it is advised that you pull off the road safely, and try to be as calm and collected as possible.

Call the authorities immediately. Some vehicles have safety features that automatically contact the authorities in the event of an accident, which makes this task easier. If your car does not have this feature, however, then you would have to be the one to carry it out. 

Your personal injury lawyer in Henderson Las Vegas will advise you to be clear and concise for as much as you can when you talk to the authorities. You can amend your statement later on to further clarify details, but keep in mind that your statement is going to be crucial for the personal injury case you will file later on, if that is your intention. 

If you know a Las Vegas accident lawyer personally, or if you have one on retainer, then you could call them immediately to see if they can help with the police investigation following the accident. 

How a lawyer can help

If you do not have access to any Las Vegas injury attorneys, but would like to pursue a personal injury case, then it’s best for you to find a lawyer that specifically handles personal injury North Las Vegas. 

Law firms like Dobberstein Law Group can help you seek compensation for personal injuries and property damage incurred because of the accident. It’s crucial that you set up your case as strongly as possible because the onus or the burden of proof is on you as the claimant.