wet floor warning sign to avoid accidentWhen a business is aware of a hazard created by a wet floor, then they are expected to take reasonable measures to warn their patrons of the hazard and prevent injury. This may include posting a wet floor sign to warn of the potential danger. When a business fails to do this and a person suffers injuries from a slip and fall, then it could result in a claim for personal injuries. If you have been injured in a wet floor slip and fall, then contact the Vegas injury lawyers from Dobberstein Law Group.

What should you do if injured from a wet floor slip and fall?

If you are injured from slipping on a wet floor, then seek out medical attention for your injuries as soon as possible. If possible, try to also document that scene of the accident by taking pictures of the wet floor and the scene of the incident. Report the incident to the business establishment and ask them to take a report. If anyone witnessed the fall, then obtain their contact information.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do after the accident is to contact a personal injury law firm in Las Vegas. Vegas injury lawyers will provide you with legal advice about your options.

How can an attorney help?

A lawyer can help you pursue a claim for damages against the business. This will help you have funds to pay your medical bills and receive the necessary treatment. You can also receive compensation to make up for time missed from work. An attorney will help you pursue a claim that adequately compensates so in accordance with your rights under the law.

Our personal injury law firm in Las Vegas strives to help our clients however we can to achieve a fair result. We will advocate for you and provide legal advice. Contact Dobberstein Law Group to schedule a consultation appointment.