underpaid employeeIf you are owed unpaid wages or you have been underpaid or overworked under the laws of Nevada, then you should act to recover the money you are due. You should first try to resolve the matter privately with your employer. The situation may have come about because of an error or a misunderstanding. Speaking to your immediate supervisor or the human resources department in the company may clear everything up.

If this good faith effort is rejected, then you should file a claim with the Nevada Office of the Labor Commissioner. Before doing so, you should retain a labor lawyer. Las Vegas labor claim dispute lawyers have the insight, experience, and expertise to help workers get what is owed to them by employers. The attorney you hire will help guide you through the process of submitting a labor dispute claim. They will also serve as your advocate if you need to file a lawsuit against your employer.

You can complete and submit a dispute form online. In addition to your complaint, you will need to send supporting documentation such as:

-Pay stubs

-Time records


-Witness testimony


There is a two-year deadline for filing a claim for the non-payment of wages. After you have submitted your dispute form, the commissioner will investigate it. They may then issue a decision that will be binding and enforceable in court. The commissioner may also decide to hold a hearing on the matter. If this is the outcome, your lawyer will prepare a brief and speak on your behalf during the hearing.

You also have the option of filing a lawsuit against your employer if the commissioner fails to acknowledge your claim or does not provide you adequate relief.

The Las Vegas labor claim dispute lawyers of Dobberstein Law Group can help you decide the best course of action if you are owed money by your employer. You should contact Dobberstein Law Group to discuss your legal options.