business license in nevadaWhen it comes to obtaining a business license in Nevada, you’re going to need to jump through quite a few hoops. This is because Nevada is one of the most heavily regulated states in the Union when it comes to establishing a new business. At some point, you’re very likely going to need the help of LV business lawyers to streamline the process.

What Are the Basic Requirements for a Nevada Business License?

The first step is to determine where your business is located. The areas are:

  • City of Las Vegas
  • City of North Las Vegas
  • City of Henderson
  • Boulder City
  • City of Mesquite
  • Unincorporated Clark County

Next, you apply for a Nevada state business license. You can do so by applying online.

You will need to register with the Nevada Secretary of State. Details are here.

Next, register with the Nevada Department of Taxation.

If you use a name for your business that is different from your own name or any corporate entity name already registered in Nevada, you need to obtain a Fictitious Firm Name. You can do so here.

Next, fill out an online application.

Complete your Investigation Packets to verify whether your business is in the Regulated or Liquor and Gaming category.

You then pay your fees and schedule an inspection. A business law firm in Las Vegas NV can help you get handle these steps in anticipation of your ultimate approval.

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