truck hit the car on the roadAn 18-wheeler can be more than 70 feet long and weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. When one of these gigantic pieces of machinery is in a crash with a passenger vehicle, the consequences can be devastating. Given the damage that an 18-wheeler can do, insurance companies know that they’re in for significant financial exposure if one of their insured trucks is involved in an accident.

What You Should and Shouldn’t Do
As per the Las Vegas trucking accident lawyers at the Dobberstein Law Group, here are some things that you should and shouldn’t do after being injured in a trucking accident:

  • Report the crash to 911 immediately. Ask that police and paramedics be dispatched to the scene. Your accident and injuries must be documented right away.
  • Seek immediate medical attention at the nearest emergency room. Paramedics can transport you there.
  • Notify your own insurer that you were in an accident, regardless of the fact that the accident wasn’t your fault.
  • Refuse to give any kind of a statement about how the accident happened or your medical status to the opposing insurance company. Nevada law doesn’t require this.
  • Refuse to provide the opposing insurer with a medical authorization. Nevada law doesn’t require this either.
  • Contact the Las Vegas trucking accident lawyers at the Dobberstein Law Group.

The Attempt to Shift Fault
The opposing insurer will be trying to push some or all of the fault for your accident over onto you. That’s why it wants your statement. It intends on using your own words against you in the future. It will also try to blame your current condition on a prior injury to the same part of your body in the past, even if you were 100% healed.

After being injured by a careless and negligent truck driver anywhere in or around Las Vegas, contact the Las Vegas trucking accident lawyers at the Dobberstein Law Group right away to arrange for a free consultation and case review. Our objective is to maximize any proceeds that you deserve.