stay safe in a waterwe want you to understand the best safety guidelines while performing water activities such as boating or swimming. Remember that if you have any accidents or injuries while enjoying water activities, then it is important to call our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys for assistance.

Learn About the Weather Conditions

Before approaching the water for recreational purposes, check the local weather conditions. It is never a good idea to use a boat or to go swimming during severe weather. Using a boat or swimming while there is a thunderstorm or windy weather is dangerous.

Have the Proper Safety Equipment for Water Activities

When you are swimming or using a boat, it is important to have the proper safety equipment, including floatable devices or a life jacket. Make sure to test your safety gear before using it to verify that it is in good condition and that it fits properly.

Follow Local Regulations While Enjoying the Water

Before visiting a waterway, verify that it is okay to use it for boating or swimming. Check for signs around the lake or stream to ensure that the water is safe for swimming or boating. Failing to follow this guideline can lead to financial fines, arrests or injuries.

Do Not Become Intoxicated

It is never a good idea to drink alcohol or take drugs when you are near water. If you are inebriated, then your physical reflexes and mental capacity is altered, making it more likely that you will have an accident while enjoying water activities.

Bring Along a Friend

When you want to participate in water activities, bring along one or more friends. Swimming or boating alone can lead to dangers when you have a problem, but if you have a friend with you, then she can help you.
Call for Professional Legal Advice

Make sure to call the knowledgeable Las Vegas personal injury attorneys at Dobberstein Law Group for legal advice after a boating or swimming accident occurs.