slip and fall accident caseWhen you are the victim of a slip and fall accident, you may find yourself in a complex legal situation. Though you may assume your case will be resolved in weeks, it may take months or years if it is complex. Though most of these cases are settled out-of-court, the process involved in getting there may be arduous. However, by knowing what to do immediately following your accident, it may be possible to speed up the process. Should you be a slip and fall accident victim, rely on the expertise of Las Vegas personal injury attorneys at the Dobberstein Law Group.

Get Medical Treatment

The sooner you get medical treatment following a slip and fall accident, the more likely your case can get resolved in a timely manner. By having immediate documentation of your injuries, your Las Vegas personal injury attorneys can gain leverage needed to negotiate with insurance companies.

Filing Your Complaint

Generally, this will take several weeks to complete, since it involves gathering evidence related to your accident and making sure your attorneys have what they need to ensure you can recover as much compensation as possible for your damages.

Demand Letter

Once you have filed the complaint and received a reply from the defendant, your attorneys at the Dobberstein Law Group will send a demand letter to attorneys for the defendant. This letter, which will contain your demands as to what it will take to get the case resolved to your satisfaction, is a key part of the legal process and can ultimately determine how much compensation you gain for your injuries and other damages.

Since these cases may take months or longer, do not trust the outcome of your case to attorneys who have little experience in slip and fall accidents. Instead, schedule a meeting with Las Vegas personal injury attorneys from the Dobberstein Law Group.