business lawyerAs a business owner it can be common to try and save money where possible. Inevitably at some point most business owners will need to enter into a contract with a contractor, manufacturer, supplier, etc. They sit down to read the proposed contract and contemplate having a business lawyers review it. The owner decides they are business savvy and capable of reading, so why waste the money on having someone else read it for them?

Consider this scenario: Two years later the supplier has fallen behind on 45 days of shipments, the owner wants to initiate a lawsuit downtown at the courthouse. The owner then discovers that the breach has not occurred until 90 days of missed shipments, they were required to seek non-binding arbitration prior to a lawsuit, and the choice of venue for a lawsuit and the choice of law for the terms of the contract is the state where the supplier is headquartered, not where the business owner is located.

In the above example, the business owner would have benefited from taking the time to contact the Dobberstein Law Group. Spending the money for a few hours for a consultation to review contracts would have helped save money, time, and headache down the road.

The Dobberstein Law Group would have been able to review the contract, advise the business owner on what constitutes a breach of the contract, and what steps they need to take to provide notice of the breach to the supplier. They could have explained the options for resolving a dispute of the contract (mediation, arbitration, court action) and the benefits of each. This could have made the arbitration binding or removed it altogether and allowed the owner to seek a resolution in court immediately. Had the owner spoken with an experienced business attorney they could have prevented themselves from being forced to litigate this matter in a state hundreds of miles away under law that they are unfamiliar with. Not only is out of state litigation expensive, it’s also more stressful.

Entering into a contract can be simple, but if the contract is breached, it is important to have terms in the contract that favor your position. Spending a little money now to meet with Las Vegas Business Attorney Eric Dobberstein can provide substantial cost savings down the road and save you time and stress if litigation arises. Contact the office to schedule a case consultation.