Construction companies and general contractors have standards that they are supposed to adhere to. They are supposed to ensure that everything is done according to the stipulated safety construction guidelines.

However, sometimes workers on the site can use shortcuts to meet deadlines. This is what usually leads to what is referred to as construction defects.

One of the first things you should do after discovering a construction defect is to consult Las Vegas construction attorneys.

Here is a guide on how to go about a construction defect:

Report the problem to the builder

The first step you should take after finding a construction defect is to talk to the person who built your house. In an ideal situation, the builder will automatically fix the errors of defects after presenting them to him.

Normally, when a construction project begins, there are contracts or agreements that must be signed by both the builder and general contractors.

This is also one of the requirements in the Las Vegas construction law. In case your issue is covered by the construction contract, the builder has a responsibility to correct the defect.

Speak to an attorney

If the builder or contractor refuses to fix the defecting after presenting it to him or her, the next step should be to talk to any experienced Las Vegas construction lawyers.

Some builders are stubborn and won’t readily admit liability. But if you go ahead and involve construction attorneys Las Vegas, they will know that you are serious and take serious action.

An experienced lawyer will ensure that the builder is held accountable.

However, it is important to hire a lawyer who has extensive experience in construction law Las Vegas to present a strong case.

File a lawsuit if need be

In most cases, construction defect cases get categorized under breach of contract negligence claims. Negligence claims usually cover issues such as a builder lacked knowledge such as or skill to finish the job, the builder refused to perform his work, or the end result wasn’t satisfactory.

Filing a lawsuit against a construction company or an independent contractor may appear expensive and hectic but hiring a good lawyer and patience can bear good results. You may prevent a bigger problem in the future that may have caused injuries or even deaths.

Types of construction defects

When presenting a construction lawsuit, it is important to understand the different types of construction defects that exist. You can also talk to construction lawyers Las Vegas to understand more. Here are the common types:

  1. Design deficiencies

This could be the failure of an engineer or architect to perform the right thing in the design of a building. It could also be a bad roof that causes water to penetrate in the house or a poor drainage system.

  1. Material deficiencies

These are defects that result from damaged or defective building material. For example, the builder may have used inferior window frames or broken drainage pipes when building a house.

  1. Construction deficiencies

This usually happens if a building develops problems as a result of low-quality work. For instance, a roofer didn’t do his job as expected hence leading to leakages. It can also be a plumber who improperly installed drainage pipes that later cause blockages in your house.

  1. Operational and maintenance deficiencies

This could be the failure of the owner of the building to conduct the necessary maintenance of the building that resulted in a number of problems.

If you encounter any of the above construction defects, then the best option is to hire an experienced construction lawyer from Dobberstein Law Group.