travel accidentMore than 40 million people visit the popular city and surrounding areas of Las Vegas in Nevada. This is usually a fun vacation filled with seeing nightly entertainment shows, gambling at high-class casinos, and staying at 5-star luxury hotels that offer every type of pampering and comfort.
Due to the transient nature of this urban sprawl, some tourists get injured while visiting Las Vegas according to a respected Las Vegas personal injury attorney who has seen many legal cases through the years that qualify as personal injury events.
Seek Medical Attention Immediately if Injured While on Vacation
If you are planning to visit this city in the future, be sure to use all the usual precautions to avoid unwanted accidents that may result in injuries. If such an event does occur, get medical assessment and treatment first even if you don’t feel that your injuries are that serious. Then, get in touch with a personal injury lawyer in Henderson Las Vegas for valuable legal advice on what to do next.
Start Gathering Evidence at the Scene & Ask for Police/Medical Reports
If possible, take some pictures of the accident scene to secure for later evidence that is needed in a court case. This could be something that a passenger could do if the driver is hurt too badly. If any witnesses are nearby, be sure to ask about contact information if police do not arrive on the scene promptly.
These steps can help personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas plan and build your case. The medical and police reports are often crucial in determining if someone else is to blame or was negligent in some manner that leads up to the unfortunate event. These records and reports may be accessed in digital format in some cases.
After Seeking Medical Care & Calling Police, Call an Attorney
Getting in touch with an experienced North Las Vegas personal injury lawyer should be the next step after ensuring everyone’s immediate safety, getting medical care and talking with the police. This can start the investigative legal process should a personal injury lawsuit be filed later down-the-road.
Typically, law firms that handle these sorts of injury cases will have someone on staff to quickly gather anything important at the scene to use as evidence. Even if you couldn’t get access to certain details and information, a local attorney will often be able to track these items down.
A Spoliation Letter May Be Needed to Obtain Copies of Surveillance Videos
This step is often necessary if the accident happened in a private indoor establishment such as a casino, hotel, restaurant or retail store. This puts the business owner on notice not to “lose” this valuable evidence as an attempt to protect the business or private property owner from a lawsuit in which they may be found legally liable. This type of evidence can be a goldmine for Las Vegas injury attorneys.
Reasons to Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas
One knowledgeable North Las Vegas personal injury lawyer cautions victims to speak with a reputable attorney from Las Vegas even if there will be another attorney from where the victim resides involved in the litigation process. Accident victims who have sustained a personal injury in the North Las Vegas area can communicate with your other lawyer back home.
A Las Vegas local attorney that practices personal injury law will have more detailed information and knowledge about the local area.
If you’ve suffered a personal injury North Las Vegas, contact Dobberstein Law Group at You may have grounds for legal compensation. Dobberstein Law Group