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Homeowners Association Law is an enforcement of laws that help to maintain community association’s values and appearance. The Board of directors, which are chosen, manage most condominiums and homeowners associations. While membership is mandatory, it depends on the purchase of real estate that is within the association. It is wise to consult a Las Vegas HOA attorney if your association needs assistance with certain rules.

HOA Explained

Before the initial sale of a home, a homeowner’s association is incorporated by the developer. Most homeowners associations and condos are corporations that are created by a real estate developer. This allows them to market, manage and sell homes and lots in a residential subdivision. The developer will hand over its control of the association to all members following a certain threshold of sales. There are certain documents that need to be filed in order to form an association. This is why it is best to consult A Las Vegas property attorney, so you don’t mess anything up in the process.

The documents will be filed in the public records of the county and state in which the association is located. More so, you are seeing a change in state’s overseeing homeowner’s associations and the government placing their own regulations on them. Since there are some things that have recently changed and are continuing to change, a Las Vegas property lawyer can educate you on what you can expect.

How an Attorney Can Help

Las Vegas HOA attorneys, such as the ones affiliated with Dobberstein Law Group all have one thing in common, and that is focusing on community association law. HOA attorneys can provide comprehensive services to community boards and organizations within the state. If you need assistance with putting foundational governing documents together, a property attorney Las Vegas can help. They can also help with litigation and handle individual unit owners.

Above all HOA lawyers are experienced in a variety of areas such as:

  • HOA contract review
  • Modifying HOA and condo documents
  • The ability to interpret governing documents
  • The ability to enforce property restrictions
  • Representation during litigation, arbitration, and mediation
  • Condo and HOA eviction actions
  • Collection of assessments not paid
  • Sending out HOA violation notices
  • Collection and implementation of certain assessments

Las Vegas HOA lawyers can help with unpaid assessments. It is a condo association and HOAs responsibility to collect financial assessments. This is the only way a community will be able to function continuously. Even the most basic repairs and other maintenance can become almost impossible to fix if too many members fall behind. This is why any unpaid balances should be taken action against immediately. However, an HOA lawyer can help with getting a lien on the delinquent unit owner’s property, and even obtain an order of possession via the action of eviction. They can also take action to foreclose on the property which includes going after post-judgment foreclosure payments.

Overall, a proactive approach to dispute letters and anything else can make all the difference. This would not be possible without an HOA attorney. For example, if your HOA receives a dispute letter by a community association board describing a member’s complaint, or even a threat of legal action, an HOA attorney can handle it immediately if you take the right steps. Additionally, since the state governs HOA law and condo association laws, parties will need to have representation from a local attorney.

Remember there is no hotline when things start to go wrong. HOA Stakeholder groups that consist of attorneys, exist to protect the business interests of trades. Consult with an attorney and become familiar with your rights.