false arrestPeople are arrested and charged for crimes that they did not commit all the time. If your loved one has been arrested, and you believe they have done nothing wrong, your first call should be to a criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas.

Your loved one is no doubt scared and confused. They may be unsure of what they should do. You must get them the legal help they need by calling the Dobberstein Law Group, which can provide a referral to an experienced criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas.

You should advise your loved one not to speak to the authorities until their lawyer arrives. No one has to say anything or do anything that will incriminate them. That includes your loved one. They should wait until an attorney representing them speaks to them about the charges.

Your loved one may have been arrested because they were with someone else the police had a warrant for; this happens all the time. The criminal defense lawyer who works on your loved one’s behalf will scrutinize the evidence the authorities have against them; the lawyer will also question the circumstances of the arrest. It may seem that the effort is futile and that someone you care about will be sent to prison for something they did not do, but that is not necessarily the case. An experienced and expert defense attorney will ensure that your loved one’s constitutional rights are protected, that they are treated with respect, fairness, dignity, and that all proper procedures have been followed.

It can be hard to know what to do when you receive the news that your loved one has been arrested and charged. This is not a matter you should attempt to deal with on your own. You should instead turn it over to the professionals. A criminal defense attorney will have the knowledge, skill, and insight to get a favorable outcome for your loved one.
False arrest is reality for many people, but you have the means to fight back and get justice for your loved one. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation with a trusted and experienced civil lawyer that can look into your case and determine if your civil rights have been violated and if you can file a lawsuit against the City, County, or state authorities for making a false arrest and falsely imprisoning your loved one.