winter accidentAlthough Weather patterns play a key role when it comes to driving habits and accidents, there are certain areas where the weather is fairly good and accidents are very rare. Nevada happens to be one of those places.
But despite the fact that many parts of Nevada are normally hot and sunny, there are certain parts of the state where driving can prove to be dangerous during wintertime.
It doesn’t matter how much experienced you are as a driver; you are at a greater risk of getting involved in an accident in the winter months. It is good to have a personal injury North Las Vegas lawyer in case things turn out wrong.
It takes a lot of careful driving to avoid common accidents in icy conditions. Any mistake or careless driving habits will result in a dangerous accident. Statistics reveal that most accidents happen during winter because of the snowy conditions across Nevada.
The good news is that accident victims have a right to seek compensation – either from their insurance companies or at-fault parties. But that is not possible without an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney.
Filing for a personal injury case is one thing while getting compensated is another. The only way you can increase your chances of getting compensated is by hiring a good personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas.
Careless driving
It is true that driving icy snowy road conditions is dangerous to some level. However, most of the accidents are caused by drivers who are careless and don’t adapt to road conditions. Those who are used to over speeding and ignoring traffic rules can cause very serious accidents when the weather conditions are bad.
The carelessness and misbehavior of one driver can result in a tragic accident involving multiple vehicles. It is upon each driver to always observe traffic rules and take into account the status of the road.
Failing to do so and causing accidents will not only put your life in danger but also make you liable for the injuries and deaths that may occur due to an accident.
If you are the victim of such an accident, the best thing to do is to contact a personal injury lawyer in Henderson Las Vegas immediately. The lawyer will help you piece together all the necessary evidence and present a strong case to the court.
Common injuries from winter accidents
Facial injuries
Chronic pain
Bruises, lacerations, scars, or contusions
Head injuries like concussions
Broken arm or leg
Permanently mobility issues
Internal bleeding
Nerve organ damage
Behavioral and cognitive issues
Some of these injuries can be severe to an extent that you are not able to continue with your normal life. That’s why it is important to liaise with personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas to get guidance on the appropriate steps to take after an accident.
Preventative measures
What can you do to avoid such accidents and injuries? Remember you are equally responsible as any driver on the road when it comes to preventing accidents.
Here are some of the preventative measures:
Travel when it is only necessary in winter
Find out about the road conditions prior to starting your journey
Plan your route in advance to evade steep hills and icy areas
Don’t drive at high speed
Avoid slamming on the brakes
Always keep a reasonable distance with the vehicle ahead of you
Overtake only when the road is clear
How Las Vegas injury attorneys can be of help
Some drivers never take into consideration the bad weather conditions. They are the ones that usually put their lives and those of others in danger while driving.
In case you get involved in an accident because of such instances, contact a North Las Vegas personal injury lawyer to seek compensation.
You can talk to Las Vegas Injury attorneys from Dobberstein Law Group and claim for maximum compensation.
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