HOA DisputesLiving in a community with a homeowner’s association (HOA) involves many things that residents can and cannot do. Sometimes, problems arise and disputes over things within the HOA rules and regulations. If there is a dispute, it is possible to hire a Las Vegas HOA attorney to help you navigate state laws, local ordinances, and the HOA governing documents. The attorneys at Dobberstein Law Group understand an HOA dispute may arise and are dedicated to helping get them resolved efficiently and timely.

Types of HOA Disputes

Homeowners’ associations deal with many disputes among residents but do tend to avoid intervening in conflicts that may be of a personal nature. However, sometimes a dispute needs to have the associations step in and help come to a resolution. Types of HOA disputes include:

  • Noise complaints
  • Excessive barking from pets
  • Unruly behavior from children
  • Visual nuisances, such as overflowing trash cans, overgrown lawns, etc.
  • Property maintenance problems
  • Illegal or disruptive behavior
  • Unpleasant odors
  • Failure to pay monthly dues or fees
  • Painting the home in an unapproved color
  • Installing an unauthorized fence
  • Parking violations
  • Overgrown trees or brush
  • Failure to follow HOA guidelines as outlined in the list of rules and regulations

Process Use to Resolve HOA Disputes

HOAs have an internal process to help handle disputes among neighbors, which is often all that is needed to resolve the matter. However, in some cases, the disputes become violent, police become involved, or the conflict leads to a costly lawsuit. Standard processes used to help resolve issues among residents include:

  • The homeowner complaint or request for dispute resolution is filed with the HOA board, and the board then analyzes it to determine what is happening.
  • HOA board members gather sufficient information, such as taking photos, talking to neighbors, and discussing the dispute with both parties.
  • If necessary, the HOA board takes a vote to determine if they will intervene in the dispute.
  • The HOA holds a negotiation between both parties involved in the dispute.

During most disputes between residents, an attorney is not typically needed to assist the process. However, when the dispute is between the homeowner and the HOA board, it might be in your best interest to seek counsel from a property lawyer Las Vegas.

How a Las Vegas HOA Attorneys Can Help

A property attorney Las Vegas can help provide you with peace of mind knowing your issue will be handled in a timely, efficient, and professional manner. Regardless of why you are fighting an HOA dispute, having an attorney by your side can help improve your chances of coming out on the winning side of the disagreement.

An HOA attorney can offer their specialized knowledge base to help determine the best method to handle the dispute. In addition, Las Vegas HOA lawyers can gather all necessary paperwork, including legal documents from federal, state, and local governing agencies. Plus, an attorney can help provide legal protection, especially if the dispute gets out of control and the other party makes potentially criminal accusations.

Finally, an HOA attorney can provide you with legal consultations, advising you about dispute-related issues or what can happen if situations are not clearly answered in the governing documents for the HOA. Also, if the dispute is between the homeowner and the HOA board, it might be possible to sue the HOA, which your lawyer can determine.

If you find yourself dealing with an HOA dispute, do not hesitate to seek legal guidance. The attorneys at Dobberstein Law Group are ready to help you find a resolution for your current HOA dispute. We are your Las Vegas HOA lawyer and are here to help offer you the guidance and support you need.