food poisoningDid you know that, each and every year, nearly 50 million people get food poisoning? Of these millions, 128,000 will have to go to the hospital. And 3,000 of them will pass away. This means that there are – as there needs to be – very stringent penalties for the type of neglect or oversight that leads to food poisoning.

Food Poisoning is a Violation of the Law That Carries Penalties

The USDA and FDA have very strict guidelines on the way that food and beverages are manufactured and distributed. And both the USDA and FDA have penalties in place to punish restaurant owners and food suppliers that run afoul of these guidelines. Las Vegas injury attorneys have handled many of these cases in recent years.

If you are discovered to have intentionally tampered with food or stored or delivered food in a manner that does not meet these guidelines, you will find yourself in trouble. You may be sentenced to time in prison or to pay huge fines. You may also be subject to civil lawsuits that can run into millions of dollars.

If You Were a Victim of Food Poisoning, Contact Dobberstein Law Group

If you believe that you have been the unfortunate victim of food poisoning, your best bet is to contact a group of expert Las Vegas injury attorneys. The Dobberstein Law Group will aid you in proving your case by helping you to gather up all of the necessary eyewitness statements, medical bills, and other evidence that you require.

A recent civil lawsuit concerning faulty peanut butter resulted in a settlement of $11.2 million dollars against ConAgra. A single case of food poisoning may not net you quite so much. However, we will still make sure that the settlement you receive is more than enough to pay your bills and send a message to the industry.