attorney for the board licenseYou cannot do much in Nevada as a contractor without a general contractor’s license. In fact, the state requires that you hold a license given by the Nevada State Contractors Board before constructing or altering any road, building structure, or parking garage in the region.

What are the exact requirements for getting your general contractor’s license, though? Can a lawyer help? Las Vegas NV construction law attorneys at Dobberstein Law Group can certainly help in the way of providing counsel to you during the application process. An attorney can also explain exceptions in which contractors can bypass the licensing process altogether for certain projects.

What are the requirements for getting a general contractor’s license?
The Nevada State Contractors Board requires license candidates to show proof of workers’ compensation insurance and proof of bond before obtaining a general contractor’s license. You must also pass a trade exam as well as tests pertaining to law and business.

Only those who show proof of at least four years working at the journeyman or foreman level are eligible to apply for a general contractor’s license in Nevada. Most candidates provide viable references that the state board questions regarding work experience and knowledge in the field before granting or denying license requests.

How can Las Vegas NV construction law attorneys help?
Lawyers such as those at Dobberstein Law Group can help you understand the process of obtaining a general contractor’s license in Nevada. A lawyer can also explain exceptions to the rules in which you may be able to accept a job without showing proof of a license. In some cases, contractors can complete projects that are valued at less than $1,000 without obtaining a license from the state board. You should, of course, always speak with a lawyer before accepting such a job.

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