boat accidentMost boating accidents are the result of negligence by a boat operator. It’s not like with a car where a tire can blow out or a driver can lose control because of an icy road. Statistics show that most boating accidents could’ve been prevented had the operator been more responsible.

Have you been the victim of a boating accident? Dobberstein Law Group has boating accident lawyers in Las Vegas NV ready to help with your case. Here are some common boating accident causes, one of which may apply in your situation:

  1. Lack of Attention. It’s easy to get distracted while operating a boat. Anything can happen to get your attention off the wheel – even if just for a second. But a second is all it takes to get into an accident. Boat operators should remain aware of their surroundings at all times.
  2. Inexperience on the Water. Guiding a boat isn’t as easy as most people think. You need to understand how to handle the boat, how to avoid obstacles, how to stop, and how to change speed. If a boat operator doesn’t know how to handle an emergency situation when it arises, it’s likely that an accident will occur.
  3. Speeding. Speeding on the water is just as dangerous as speeding on the road. Boating at a reasonable speed keeps passengers, the operator, and other people on the water safe. Speeding on the water can result in roll overs, collisions with other boats, and collisions with other people in the water.
  4. Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol. Operating a boat while intoxicated can lead to serious accidents and even death. It’s no different than driving a vehicle while drunk. In most states, alcohol limits are the same for boat operators and motor vehicle drivers.

Have you been in a boating accident? It’s possible that you’re entitled to compensation for damages suffered during the accident. The Dobberstein Law Group can help you determine how to proceed with your case. We can help gather evidence, represent you in court, and deal with insurance companies. When you need boating accident lawyers in Las Vegas NV, contact the Dobberstein Law Group to discuss your case.