bitten by the dogDogs are generally fun and lovable pets that most people are happy to have around, but their actions are not always predictable. When a dog suddenly bites a person during a family gathering during the holiday season, it can create tremendous confusion for the dog bite victim.

Many people assume that dog bite cases are not major enough to justify legal representation, but the truth is that dog bites are actually one of the most common kinds of issues that personal injury attorneys deal with. Such is often the case because insurance companies are rarely willing to provide victims with appropriate compensation for their injuries.

If you or your loved one were bitten by a dog, you will want to contact the Vegas NV dog bite lawyers at Dobberstein Law Group as soon as possible. Our firm can help you get every last dollar that you need and deserve.

Some people are hesitant to take legal action after a dog bite because they fear the possible financial consequences for the dog owners, who are frequently friends, family members, or neighbors. You need to understand that most dog bites are actually covered by a dog owner’s homeowners insurance policy.

If you are bitten by any dog, your first step always needs to be seeking medical attention to ensure that your injuries are properly treated. When the owner of a dog is not a person you know particularly well, try to get the owner’s name and phone number.

You should also try to take pictures of your wounds while they are at their worst, as this will preserve important evidence. Remember that these kinds of injuries will heal with the passage of time so they might not appear as severe by the time you are ready to go to court.

Dobberstein Law Group has handled scores of dog bite cases in the Las Vegas area and can help you get justice. Our Vegas NV dog bite lawyers can deal with an insurance company for you and fight to make sure that you obtain a full and fair settlement, or we can file a lawsuit to seek appropriate damages when necessary.