boating with friendsA Las Vegas boating accident lawyer may be able to help you if you have gotten into a boating accident while under the influence. The definition of boating under the influence is similar to the definition of driving under the influence. Boating under the influence is defined as operating a boat with a blood alcohol concentration of .08% or more and operating a boat while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If convicted of boating under the influence, individuals can have fines, suspension of license, and possible time in jail. Further, individuals who are found guilty of boating under the influence are generally required to take a boating safety course. Community service may also be required in order to meet the requirements of probation. Probation generally requires individuals to complete drug and alcohol testing in order to meet requirements. If the boat is damaged during the accident, the driver may be subject to impounding fees. If anyone else was injured during the boating accident, the driver may be required to pay restitution charges. Further, court costs, administrative costs, and probation services may also be mandated for payment by the boat operator.

The evidence collected against the operator of the boat may be challenged by a Las Vegas accident lawyer. This includes lack of field sobriety test or lack of objective evidence. Further, the method of administration of the breath or chemical sobriety test may be challenged by the assistance of a witness with expertise in this area. They will be able to explain the way in which the test should have been administered and any other issues with the administration or method of the testing that occurred. If you have been in a boating accident while under the influence, the personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas at the Dobberstein Law Group may be able to help. Please contact us today for more information!