when an employee is terminated wrongfulyWhen you have been an employee of a company and have given your best day after day, you assume you will be treated with respect. However, for many employees, the harsh reality occurs when they are terminated out of the blue. In many cases, an employer may terminate an employee for reasons that are illegal under state and federal law. When this happens, it is important you seek out the advice of Vegas employment attorneys. During these consultations, you will learn not only if the reason for your termination was indeed illegal, but also how to file a wrongful termination lawsuit against your employer.

If you were fired by your employer due to being pregnant, contact the Dobberstein Law Group immediately. A violation of federal law, this will allow you to work with lawyers who specialize in employment defense in Las Vegas to plan and file a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Should you file a whistleblower complaint against your employer and then be fired, this will be a situation that calls for filing a wrongful termination lawsuit. Since all whistleblowers are protected by federal law, your employer has no right to fire you. Therefore, consult Vegas employment attorneys to make sure your legal rights are protected.

Age Discrimination
Should your employer suddenly decide you are too old to do your job, you may be able to file a wrongful termination lawsuit. In these situations, it will be important to prove that despite your age, you are still performing your job at a high level. Rather than let your employer get by with this illegal act, consult an attorney who specializes in employment defense in Las Vegas.

Rather than lose a job you love and need to support you and your family, schedule a consultation with the Dobberstein Law Group to discuss your options for filing a wrongful termination lawsuit.