discussWhen you offer services either to the Federal Government or private sector, as a contractor, you expect to be paid after the project. A payment bond happens to what you hold on to as assurance of being paid for the services rendered. After completing a project and not being paid, you should always ensure you launch a follow up on payment. When filing the bond claim, most times, time is of the essence hence ensure you claim your lawfully earned wages as first as possible. The question you could then be asking yourself is, at what point do you need to discuss your bond claim with a lawyer. If your bond claim has been delayed or rejected, it’s time to contact Dobberstein Law Group, Las Vegas lawyers, for discussions on the way forward.

The role an attorney plays in your bond claim dispute
Litigation has proven to be the language most sureties understand. After having your bond claim denied, the one route towards recovering monies that rightfully belong to you is through an enforcement lawsuit. Litigating an enforcement lawsuit is not easy for any layman. If you have zero legal knowledge on enforcement lawsuits, you should let Dobberstein Law Group, Las Vegas lawyers, with expertise in expediting legal processes help you. Enforcement lawsuits can last for ages in Court, but as a firm, we uphold expediting of justice through all avenues, including out of court settlements, all done in the interest of our clients. Our attorneys pay great attention to documentation. In a bond claim dispute, proof of monies owed is vital, and ours is to ensure that every document to help your claim is put in place.

By working with an attorney from Dobberstein Law Group, you are guaranteed a quick follow up on your bond claim until payment in full either through litigation or an out of court settlement.